Custom - Bring Your Own Ball

Custom - Bring Your Own Ball


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Drop off or send us your basketball and we’ll convert it into a Plantsketball! Once your order is placed, we’ll follow up with shipping or drop off instructions. Please allow up to 2 weeks turnaround time for shipped basketballs.

Please note that not all basketballs are ideal for a Plantsketball. We recommend using a worn out Basketball that’s been well loved. That way, all of the materials will be broken in and it will have a had time two find it’s nice round shape. If purchasing a new basketball to convert, composite/synthetic leather basketballs work best. Ideally they will have been stored inflated and nice and round. What we would like to avoid are thin rubber basketballs that have been stored folded up with all of the air removed. After being stored folded flat like that, it can be difficult and time-consuming to reset the memory of the rubber in order for it to stay round once converted to a Plantsketball. Hope this helps! Holler if you need help choosing the right basketball for the job.


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My husband loved his Christmas gift. It was exactly what he wanted and he can’t wait to display it in our new home!

SIMPLY A MASTERPIECE!!! Marie Kondo says to only keep things if they spark joy. The amount of joy this piece creates is unfathomable. Plantsketball you are a BLESSING. Thank you for the sensational art piece. RIP Kobe.

Terrific! Thank you so much!